You never know what you will see in the dark



Astronomy Resources for Kids: a great list of astro resources for children in K-8 and beyond.

Telescopius Target planning made easy. Nebula; clusters etc. Astrophotography targets. Simulate views with your own scope!

Clear Sky Clock Homepage
Find out if tonight’s the night. Plug in your latitude and longitude and see if you’ll be bust’in out the binoculars or the telescope. Note: For Newmarket put in Latitude N 44 02 and Longitude W 77 30.

Role of Data Science in Astronomy and Interstellar Exploration
This article will examine how important data science is in space technology and how it’s changing our journey into space. We’ll cover how data science is making our space missions smarter and helping us solve the mysteries of space. (Thanks to Ms. Emily and her student Kiel for suggesting this resource)

Messier Catalog of Deep Sky objects

SkyNews Magazine
Canada’s magazine of astronomy and stargazing.
News and information about the Sun-Earth environment. Subscribe for aurora alerts!

Canada-wide Astronomy Buy & Sell
Canada’s Trading Post for New & Used Telescopes and Accessories
Placing ads is always free for individuals – This web page averages 300+ hits per day!

Sky and Telescope
Sky & Telescope captures the essence of astronomy like no other publication in the world. Written by renowned astronomers and science writers from every continent, it’s an essential resource for stargazers of all levels, from novices learning the constellations to veteran telescope makers and astrophotographers.
Launched in 1999 and recently redesigned, is the world’s premier space web site, offering rich and compelling original content about space, science, and space technology that is as educational as it is entertaining.

Simcoe Skies
Steve Arnold a member of YSAA. This is his own website…..This “back deck observatory” is located near the shores of Lake Simcoe, in Ontario Canada. On this website, you’ll find tips, ideas, data, and information from my ongoing saga in amateur astronomy.

Night Sky Observer
Astronomy and Space News from around the world.
Neat info on space events through the year

Cloudy Nights Reviews of Star Parties. Member Dave Kempton has created a collection of articles about the constellations

Night Sky Gazing
Night Sky Gazing website helps people to get into amateur astronomy. It describes easy targets for observations, explains telescope types and characteristics, and helps to make first steps in astrophotography.