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Club Executive

Club Founder: Scott Gilbert

Club President: Fraser Cartwright.

Equipment? I have a Celestron 1100 CPC, which has put on considerable weight as it has aged (or becoming increasingly heavy for me to lift as I age!!!) Also have 115mm Orion EON refractor which is easier to transport. Specialize in videoastrophotography with mostly Mallincam equipment (Universe camera)
Member since? I have been a member of the club since 2003
Hobbies? I golf at Whitevale Golf Club. I also own an 18 foot fishing boat that I usually drag around the Kawartha Lakes region chasing the ever-elusive pickerel.
Favourite Targets? How can you not love the diamond encrusted M13 on a dark night, or winter viewing of M42.

Club; Treasurer: Jenny Kidd

Jenny Kidd…..

Equipment? I have a 4 1/2in. Starblaster Orion
Member since? I have been a member of the club since 2008
Hobbies? I enjoy camping, walking, fishing, baking, time spent with my family and of course astronomy!
YSAA? My position with the club includes, Secretary, membership coordinator and treasurer.
Favourite Targets? I have a few things I love looking at in the night sky – M13 and M31. I like watching meteor showers and for the ISS. 
Geoff Roberts Past President
In club for 9 years, 3 yrs as pres.Have 8″ goto dobsonian & 8″ Shmidt-Newtonian. 
Knowledge level about midrange. I just view, I don’t astrophotograph. Live in Newmarket.
I just like being out at night, but not alone.

“I live in Sutton near Sibbald Provincial ParkI have the following equipment:
15 x 50 Canon image stablized binoculars125 mm Schmidt-Maksutov telescope300 mm Skywatcher telescope
I particularly enjoy stargazing with other people.  I went to Starfest regularly.
Besides astronomy I also enjoy birdwatching.  I like to travel but that is not possible right now.
I have completed the RASC Messier and Finest NGC lists.  I am working on explore the Moon.  Given the light pollution in this area, I am trying to spend more time on planets and other objects.  I like using my binoculars to explore the sky.   I am also very interested in eclipses.  I have seen 5 total eclipses of the Sun in the Carribean, France, Libya, Indonesia and Oregon..  They are awesome.”