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Habitable Planet Similar To Earth – can it be!
In a finding that if con­firmed could stand as a land­mark in history, astronomers have reported discove­ing the most Earth-like plan­et out­side our Solar Sys­tem to date: a world that may have liquid oceans and thus life.

Clear Sky Clock Homepage
Find out if tonight’s the night. Plug in your latitude and longitude and see if you’ll be bust’in out the binoculars or the telescope. Note: For Newmarket put in Latitude N 44 02 and Longitude W 77 30.

SkyNews Magazine
Canada’s magazine of astronomy and stargazing.
News and information about the Sun-Earth envoronment. Subscribe for aurora alerts!

Bad Astronomy
Who is this guy who calls himself “The Bad Astronomer?” Is he really bad? Is he really an astronomer? Check-out Phil’s website and find out.

Canada-wide Astronomy Buy & Sell
Canada’s Trading Post for New & Used Telescopes and Accessories
Placing ads is always free for individuals – This web page averages 300+ hits per day!

Sky and Telescope
Sky & Telescope captures the essence of astronomy like no other publication in the world. Written by renowned astronomers and science writers from every continent, it’s an essential resource for stargazers of all levels, from novices learning the constellations to veteran telescope makers and astrophotographers.
Launched in 1999 and recently redesigned, is the world’s premier space web site, offering rich and compelling original content about space, science, and space technology that is as educational as it is entertaining.

Dan Bortolotti
Dan is a member of the York Simcoe Amateur Astronomers Club. He has a link here because he is a writer, editor who has his own website. Has has written a very interesting book for young readers called Exploring Saturn.

Simcoe Skies
Steve Arnold a member of YSAA. This is his own website…..This “back deck observatory” is located near the shores of Lake Simcoe, in Ontario Canada. On this website, you’ll find tips, ideas, data, and information from my ongoing saga in amateur astronomy.

Sky School
Member David Kempton has created a collection of articles on the constellations.